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You're looking for Ironseed goodness so you've come to the right place. We've also got some links here for fans of Greed (our second game). Enjoy!

Ironseed Links:

  • Latest Manual is here
  • Latest Patch is here
  • Latest Changelog is here
  • Latest Source is here here
  • The beginning of a C# port from a fan: here
  • The Source is release under the GPL license here
  • Some wiki links are here and here
  • A link to some music is here: here. The rest of the soundtrack is lurking on youtube. Just search around.
You'll have to get a patched version of Borland Pascal if you want to compile this beast. It requires a patch for the time slicing. I have the file here but doubt it's legal to hand out free copies of Borland Pascal, however old and irrelevant it might be.

Greed Links:

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