Ironseed: The Requel

It's not a sequel... yet. But it is a pretty amazing reskin. Kudos to Rob for finally knocking this thing out. We just set up the subreddit and will be posting images and soliciting cooperation to help us test this thing so we can wrap it up. Thanks in advance.

Original Release

  • Latest Manual is here
  • Latest Patch is here
  • Latest Changelog is here
  • Latest Source is here here
  • The beginning of a C# port from a fan: here
  • The Source is release under the GPL license here
  • Some wiki links are here and here
  • A link to some music is here: here. The rest of the soundtrack is lurking on youtube. Just search around.
You'll have to get a patched version of Borland Pascal if you want to compile this beast. It requires a patch for the time slicing. I have the file here but doubt it's legal to hand out free copies of Borland Pascal, however old and irrelevant it might be.

Greed Links

For those of you interested in content from the other game we created, here you go: To submit patches or for any other questions hit my inbox: